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Welcome to Brownsburg Family Dental Care, where your care and comfort is our main goal. New patients are always welcome. Our practice utilizes modern technologies combined with personal attention to make dentistry positive and comfortable for you.

Your journey in keeping fit dentally is a life-long process and prevention is the best medicine. At Brownsburg Family Dental Care we strive to assist you in prevention starting with careful attention to your specific needs. Regular check-ups and teeth cleanings are the cornerstones to achieving your goals of lifetime health.

Our hygienist has the experience and gentle touch needed to make your cleaning appointment comfortable and relaxing. Our patients consistently remark how clean their mouths feel after their teeth have been cleaned and say that they look forward to the experience. We live in a fast-paced world and your time is precious but, the investment in having your teeth cleaned twice a year pays off big in the long-run.

Regular cleanings and checkups also benefit you by avoiding emergency situations such as toothaches, broken teeth and abscesses which can result in missed time from work, family and recreational pursuits.

During regular checkups our Doctor will carefully examine your teeth and gums to help you avoid these emergency causing problems. Also, regular professional care greatly improves your chances of keeping your natural teeth and avoiding false teeth.

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