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One of the worst things that can happen on a trip is a dental emergency. So, our Brownsburg Family Dental Care team is happy to give you the tips and information you need to prevent dental emergencies at all costs. Those tips are:

Avoid major dental treatment: If you need major dental treatment, like root canal therapy or dental crown placement, it’s best to wait until after your trip to get it started. If you start the treatment before, it’s possible that you will experience pain while you are on your trip, which is very inconvenient. Also, many treatments require multiple appointments, so if you leave in the middle of a treatment, you will have to worry about your restoration site rather than enjoy your activities.

Fix dental issues: If you currently have a loose filling, broken dental crown, or a dental cavity, it’s best to treat it before you go on your trip. If you don’t restore your smile, your filling or crown might fall out of your mouth or your cavity will cause major pain and discomfort. So, it’s best to treat the problem before it gets worse.

Maintain proper oral hygiene: The best way to have a strong and successful smile is to keep up on oral hygiene. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, floss your smile once a day, and rinse your mouth daily with mouthwash.

If you would like to know more, please call 317-852-4593 and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Brownsburg, Indiana. Dr. Todd Eder and our team are here to give you all of the details you need to succeed. We look forward to helping you as much as we can!