Composite Filling MaterialCavities are generally bacterial infections that take hold in your teeth through natural pits or enamel defects. Cavities can also grow through weak areas on the outside of your teeth. Weak areas are caused by acids generated by bacteria. Unless the bacteria and damaged tooth structure are removed, the cavity will continue to grow and damage your teeth. Undetected cavities can continue to grow without any specific symptoms and cause severe damage to your teeth. Keeping on track with regularly scheduled cleanings and check-ups is important in the early detection of cavities.

If your tooth has a cavity that is detected early on in the decay process, the appropriate treatment is usually a filling, or direct restoration. This process involves the removal of the infected area of the tooth and placement of a filling using adhesive dentistry.. The earlier your tooth decay is detected in the decay process, the smaller the amount of damage occurs to your tooth and the stronger your tooth remains after being repaired with a filling. Dr. Todd Eder, our experienced dentist, uses composite resin fillings (also known as tooth-colored or white fillings) to repair your teeth. White fillings in Brownsburg, Indiana are made of a combination of adhesive resin and strong, durable, microscopic glass particles that mimic tooth structure properties. Composite resin fillings also blend in with the natural color of your teeth so your teeth still look good. Todd Eder never uses filling materials containing mercury. To discover more about the advantages of composite resin dental fillings, we invite you to call us at Brownsburg Family Dental Care today!