FluorideFluoride treatment is a preventive dental treatment that can help to protect your teeth from tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally found in water and in many foods. In addition, many types of toothpaste include fluoride; you may also use a mouth wash or other dental care products that include fluoride. Fluoride works to prevent tooth decay by remineralizing the tooth enamel, which is the outer protective layer of the tooth. Every day, the enamel is attacked by acids, sugars, and bacteria, resulting in demineralization. If the enamel becomes demineralized and broken down, it may result in tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride rebuilds and remineralizes the tooth enamel to prevent cavities.

Dr. Todd Eder, our knowledgeable dentist, may recommend fluoride treatment in Brownsburg, Indiana to further protect your teeth from decay. He may suggest fluoride treatment if your teeth are prone to decay or if you are not getting a sufficient supply of fluoride from your toothpaste, mouth wash, or diet. Professional fluoride treatments are available in the form of gels, varnishes, or foams. To learn more about the benefits of fluoride and to schedule your next visit to Brownsburg Family Dental Care, we invite you to contact our dental office today.