Dentist surgery. Photos taken in a real surgeryModern dentistry has improved immensely during the previous several decades and continues to improve as the years go by. From products and materials to equipment and technology, dentistry today is not your grandfather’s dentistry, or even your father’s dentistry for that matter. Preventive measures have reduced dental disease dramatically and allowed you to keep your natural teeth longer than ever before in our society. This results in a better quality of life for millions and helps to keep you looking and feeling younger. Here at Brownsburg Family Dental Care, we appreciate the benefits of modern dentistry, and Dr.Todd Eder wants his patients to reap those benefits. The result is durable and natural-looking dentistry delivered to you in a comfortable and caring environment. We are pleased to utilize the latest dental technology in Brownsburg, Indiana to ensure that your dental experience is an exceptional one.

Dental technology can enhance your dental visits at Brownsburg Family Dental Care in several ways. We offer sedation dentistry and other options that help to make your visit more comfortable and enjoyable. We also use advanced diagnostic tools to ensure that you receive the highest level of dental care and that we treat any dental problems as soon as possible. For more information on our dental technology, call us today!