In the event that you have lost all of your teeth to dental disease, custom dentures are a solution to achieving comfortable, aesthetic, functional, and long-lasting results for the replacement of your teeth. In most cases, complete dentures can be fitted so that you are able to chew the foods that you like to eat and smile the way you were meant to smile, without the need for denture adhesives.

Some patients who have experienced loss of jaw bone mass through gum infection can experience difficulty in comfortably wearing complete dentures, especially lower dentures. In these cases, the use of dental implants can be extremely instrumental in the stabilization and functionality of your complete dentures. Dental implants are tooth root replacements, made from titanium, an extremely strong and biocompatible metal that has been used successfully by orthopedic surgeons to replace worn-out hip and knee joints for decades. Dental implants have been used in replacement of missing teeth and the stabilization of complete and partial dentures for decades as well. If you wear a denture and are experiencing problems with looseness or difficulty in chewing, then you may benefit from stabilization of your denture with dental implants. We invite you to contact us at Brownsburg Family Dental Care today to learn more about custom dentures in Brownsburg, Indiana. Our caring dentist and dental team look forward to improving your smile!