Keeping Your Teeth Healthy While on Vacation

If you find yourself or perhaps your family preparing for an upcoming holiday vacation, you may find these tips helpful for keeping your teeth healthy in , : • Visit for a checkup and maybe a cleaning, if you are close to needing one or will be gone when your checkups are normally scheduled. •… Read more »

Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine Is Important for Preventing Cavities and Periodontal Health Problems

The American Dental Association was created to help advise the consumer on the various elements of maintaining a healthy mouth. This includes a series of ADA recommendations and guidelines to help prevent problems with cavities and periodontal health complications. One of the most important recommendations calls for brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least… Read more »

Principles Concerning Aging and Dental Health

One of the biggest issues with aging is the effect it has on our bodies. As we age, so too do our limbs, organs, hair, and smile. We often believe our teeth are immune to the effects of age, but they will begin to wear down and deteriorate as we get older. Fortunately, if you… Read more »

Are You Informed about Dental Bonding?

Are you informed about dental bonding? Do you have any teeth that are slightly out of alignment or feature unappealing stains or discoloration that simply won’t come out with other dental treatments? If so, a dental bonding procedure may be exactly what you need to restore your smile and get back the shining look you… Read more »

6 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

What you eat matters not only to your overall physical health, but it matters to your dental health as well! The foods you eat can have a major impact on your teeth. Here are some foods to avoid or reduce for a healthy smile.   Sticky foods such as dried fruit can bring harm to… Read more »

Why a Dental Bridge Might Be the Right Solution

Maybe you’ve lost a permanent tooth because of oral trauma or periodontal disease. If so, there is no need to worry; we have a solution. Among many possibilities, your dentist, Dr. at might suggest a dental bridge. Here’s why dental bridges are awesome: A dental bridge is a custom-made, durable porcelain dental appliance. It has… Read more »

How to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Safe from Periodontal Disease

Dr. and our dental team care about you and your smile, which is why we encourage you to prevent gum disease on a regular basis. Gum disease is the most serious and dangerous dental issue in the world today. It begins when the plaque on your smile is left untreated. When the plaque grows and… Read more »

Senior’s Smile: Keep It Healthy for a Lifetime of Smiles

Is it possible to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime of smiles as you age? It is possible, and in fact encouraged. While you become more vulnerable to cavities as you age, you can take steps to ensure excellent oral health. Dry mouth is a culprit that encourages cavities and gum disease and is largely… Read more »

Preparations for a Tooth Extraction

Do you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth? If you are needing a tooth pulled to fully restore your healthy smile, there are some things to do before the procedures. To help you prepare for a tooth extraction when you visit your dentist, Dr. , our dental team has the following three tips for… Read more »

Porcelain Laminate Veneers Can Make a Great Smile Even Better

Our porcelain laminate veneers can make great smiles even better. Whether you have a single tooth that is stained or discolored more, our veneers can help. can craft veneers to suit your needs and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Below are a few of the additional benefits of our porcelain laminate veneers: Due to… Read more »