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There are some extreme circumstances when a hard fall or a blow to the face can knock out one of your teeth. In some rare cases, the tooth comes out of the socket whole. If it’s kept alive, it might be possible for one of Brownsburg Family Dental Care’s dentists to successfully implant it back into the gums. Most of the time the tooth is so severely damaged that we need to extract the remnants in the socket to prevent pain, infection or other complications.

Once your gums have healed we might recommend having the knocked out tooth replaced by installing a dental implant. First we will need to conduct a thorough examination of the surrounding bone structure to make sure it is sufficient for anchoring an implant. If too much bone structure was lost in your jaw during the extraction, we might recommend you receive a bone graft before proceeding.

Dental implants are installed in an outpatient procedure that often required deep sedation. You should arrange to have someone drive you home afterward and help you out until you feel back on your feet.

During the implant procedure a small channel is made in your jawbone and the titanium abutment is screwed directly into the bone. This creates a small post known as an abutment. Once the titanium abutment has fused with your natural bone structure Brownsburg Family Dental Care will take an impression as part of the final process of installing a crown.

If one of your teeth has been knocked out, you should call Brownsburg Family Dental Care’s office in Brownsburg, Indiana at 317-852-4593 to schedule an appointment.