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If you find yourself or perhaps your family preparing for an upcoming holiday vacation, you may find these tips helpful for keeping your teeth healthy in Brownsburg, Indiana:

• Visit Brownsburg Family Dental Care for a checkup and maybe a cleaning, if you are close to needing one or will be gone when your checkups are normally scheduled.

• Be prepared for dental emergencies – they usually will not happen, be if perchance they do, you want to be prepared. The dentist may recommend the Traveler’s Guide to Safe Dental Care put out by The Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures, (OSAP) which has a checklist for safe dental treatment abroad. Also, have your dentist’s contact information available, if you need to get in touch with Dr. Todd Eder.

• If you are traveling with children, ensure they bring their toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, and any prescribed rinses with them. Keep them on the same routine as home, so their teeth stay clean and healthy.

• Bring healthy snacks, especially if you are road-tripping. Fruit cups, raw vegetables, or cheese is a great and healthy diet to keep teeth healthy and strong. Also, skip the soda and fruit juice and just stick with bottled water.

• When you reach your destination, take a few minutes to brush your teeth. If you will be driving a long-distance, take a quick bathroom break and brush your teeth. You can also easily floss your teeth in the car.

• If you will be taking a long flight, brush in the airport before you leave and after you arrive.

• Pack some sugarless gum to wash away bacteria after eating.

If you follow these steps, your chances of maintaining good oral health while away, is excellent! To book an appointment with the dentist, please contact us today!