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In the first two to three years of your child’s life, 20 teeth will emerge from their gums. These primary teeth, also known as primary teeth, come loose and fall out as your child’s mouth and jaw structure continues to grow. By early to mid-adolescence, your child should have all 32 of their permanent teeth

For some children, losing a primary tooth can be an emotional rite of passage for a child. It is certainly an opportunity to help them understand that while their baby teeth might be lost their permanent teeth need to be maintained for the rest of their lives. sure to talk to them at each step during the process to make sure they understand this and embrace stewardship of their own dental health.

Sometimes a baby tooth can be stubbornly stuck, despite days of wiggling. Knowing when and how to remove a stubborn baby tooth can be a little bit tricky. In a situation like this you can try grasping the tooth with a tissue, paper towel or a piece of sterile gauze. Then pull it out with a slight twist.

If one of your child’s teeth is loose, but refuses to come out, or your child experiences pain you should give us a call at 317-852-4593 as the tooth may need to be extracted.