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You may be asking yourself this question if your tooth is severely damaged and can no longer sustain its function. There are several factors to consider when choosing whether to have a tooth removed. Ask yourself these questions to help in making your decision. First, is it absolutely necessary or can a crown help save it, or even possibly a root canal procedure? Second, what options do I have to replace the tooth? Third, what are the risks and/or disadvantages, as well as advantages to removing the tooth? Last, but not least, will losing a tooth affect my bite and decreased the confidence in my smile?

To answer those questions, it may be best to take them to Brownsburg Family Dental Care. Our dentist, Dr. Todd Eder, can help with any questions you may have, so you are aware of everything you need to know. There are some generic answers to give you an idea of what you can expect if you do decide to have your tooth extracted. Sometimes, a tooth can be saved by having a dental crown placed, if there is enough tooth structure sufficient to support one. The dentist can make that determination by an examination and X-rays. A root canal procedure may be advised if the damage is not extensive; this may prolong the life of the tooth.

Options for replacing the tooth could consist of a dental bridge or an implant, depending on your situation and your budget constraints. A tooth extraction is very safe and within a few days, you should be well on your road to recovery. If it’s a simple tooth extraction in Brownsburg, Indiana, you may even be able to return to your activities within a few days to a week. Call us for an appointment at 317-852-4593 today!