The Best Spooky Sweets For Your Trick-Or-Treaters’ Teeth

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Halloween is here, and you are busting out a witch’s cauldron and preparing to fill it with delicious goodies. But in-between hanging up spider’s webs and playing spooky sounds, you may wonder if there are better alternatives to giving children cavity-causing sweets. Here are some suggestions for you to use, from the best type of candy for teeth to even healthier alternatives.

  • Chocolate: If you do decide to give away sweets, then chocolate is the way to go. It dissolves quickly, which means that its sugars stay in the mouth for a shorter period of time. Additionally, research has shown that cocoa, an ingredient in chocolate, actually helps to reduce the risk for gum inflammation.
  • Sugar-Free Gum: Chewing this gum after meals can actually help to prevent tooth decay. Doing so increases saliva flow, which washes away food debris and neutralizes saliva.
  • Pretzels And Peanuts: These snacks are a great choice because they do not have as much sugar as candies do. But if you still want some sweetness in your treats, then you can find some chocolate-covered pretzels and peanuts to give.
  • Toys: Kids love candy, but after gathering candy all evening, they will love small toys even more. You can purchase party favors, bubbles, wax vampire teeth, noisemakers, stickers, bouncy balls, and other small gifts to give children instead.

Be sure to avoid purchasing candies that are sour, sticky, or hard because these are the most harmful for teeth.