Why a Dental Bridge Might Be the Right Solution

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Maybe you’ve lost a permanent tooth because of oral trauma or periodontal disease. If so, there is no need to worry; we have a solution. Among many possibilities, your dentist, Dr. Todd Eder at Brownsburg Family Dental Care might suggest a dental bridge. Here’s why dental bridges are awesome:

A dental bridge is a custom-made, durable porcelain dental appliance. It has three “teeth” — one pontic or false tooth, and two crowns, or tooth-shaped coverings for weak teeth, that pose as anchors.

You might choose either a fixed or removable dental bridge.  Fixed bridges are anchored to your mouth with biocompatible posts; these are a kind of dental implant. Removable bridges are anchored through metal clasps and can be taken out and cleaned; in this way they are related to traditional dentures.  Fixed bridges tend to be more popular, but Dr. Todd Eder can give you the best advice on the right option for you.

A dental bridge will both make it easier to chew your food and pronounce your words more clearly. They function almost exactly like natural teeth.

The average life of a dental bridge is 5-7 years. However, if you care for it well, your bridge can last 10 years or even longer.

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